Lunch Catering Menu In New York, NY


Pink Lady Apple and red flame grape waldorf salad
Blood orange and Fennel salad w currants and agro dolce dressing
Red quinoa witlof walnut and cherry tomato and pomegranate salad
Cauliflower and chickpea salad with almonds fried onion and sultanas
Risoni salad with asparagus  zucchini lemon and ricotta
Saffron chicken and herbs salad
​Chicken  egg and Extra virgin olive oil salad - pine nuts - tarragon - parker house
rolls ​Avocado - tomato and dukkah salad- lime dressing​
Mint and apple lamb with crunchy salad
Kohlrabi salad - marscapone lemon mint and watercress
Fennel and parsley salad - orange - pickled mustard seeds
Spiced chickpeas and fresh vegetable salad
Local arugula - braised artichokes - Pecorino - fig dressing

Lunch Salad 1


Smoked salmon - Persian feta - dill and cherry tomato tarts
Pork and veal meatballs - with polenta
Slow cooked lamb shoulder with skordalia and coriander, yogurt - naan
Lamb meatballs - pomegranate - almonds
Med spiced chicken - apricot couscous- herbs - preserved lemon
Falafel - Tabbouleh - tzatziki sauce – pita
Tagliata - Grilled steak – tomatoes - herbs and braised balsamic onion
Flat roasted chicken with almond and mint
Mustard roast of beef - demi glace
Chicken salad - spinach - kaffir lime - coconut milk dressing

Lunch Mains

Roasted cauliflower - grapes - parsley - preserved lemon - hazelnuts - Pomegranate molasses
Roasted Broccoli with sesame and tofu and ginger dressing
Fregula grilled zucchini with smoked eggplant and pangritata
Grilled figs with burrata -walnuts and prosciutto figs with burrata –walnuts and prosciutto
Cracked cider farro - cherry tomato - herbs - shaved parmesan - basil
Roasted squash - burrata - sage - brown butter – raisins
Charcuterie - Prosciutto - coppa - salami (sliced on site)
rosemary and olive oil pizza Bianca - cracked Sicilian olives
Flatbread Blanca - pancetta - caramelized onions - butternut squash
Baked stuffed ricotta and basil shells - roasted tomato
Pancetta-  mozzarella - basil balsamic sandwich
Heirloom cherry tomato - string beans - basil - shaved parmesan
Roasted Rainbow Carrots - crema - dill - lime - feta - crushed coriander
Grilled snap peas - pancetta - mint – lemon
Breadcrumb zucchini - parmesan – parsley
Individual goat cheese tarts - watercress salad- balsamic dressing
Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with thyme and rosemary
Raw zucchini ribbons - mozzarella - mint and tarragon - lemon
Spinach - green bean and almond salad  - dijon dressing
Charred grilled asparagus - Parmesan - local honey - whole grain mustard

Lunch Sides

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