Krisp Events caters to both corporate and private clients that are in need of our delicious to your health menu in new york, NY. This menu option is great for a healthy catered breakfast. Krisp Events understands that time is of the essence for morning catered events. We are always pleased as a company to provide a beautiful, simple, quick and easy assortment from our traditional breakfast bar menu in New York, NY. This menu is one of the very popular menu options of our breakfast catering options. Krisp Events works closely with our clients to produce the best possible event time and time again. Our beautifully displayed traditional breakfast bar menu in new york, NY is always enjoyed by our customers at their morning events. Whether we’re catering an all day corporate conference for 500, or a private gathering for 30, our traditional breakfast bar menu in new york, ny is such a nice compliment to add or stand alone as your breakfast options. Krisp Events has been providing our traditional breakfast bar menu in New York, NY for over 10 years. Our relationships are built on trust, excellent service and of course, amazing food. From our traditional breakfast bar menu in New York, NY to breakfast pastries, to hot and cold standard and gourmet lunch options, our traditional breakfast bar menu in New York,NY captures is one that impresses all of our clients!


TO YOUR HEALTH – Entire menu provided

Yogurt and Fruit smoothies
Mini assorted bagels
Gluten Free power bars
Greek yogurts – assorted flavors
Sliced Fruit

Krisp Events is one of the top catering companies in New York. We have created a catering experience that enables you to provide your guests with a wide variety of options, all of them as delicious as the next. We bring to your party the best New York has to offer, using the finest seasonal and organic ingredients available. We pride ourselves on our international and eclectic menu, but encourage your suggestions for any customized menu requests. We pay very special attention to each event, may it be a candlelight dinner for two or a large corporate affair, and will gladly guide you through any planning so as to achieve the best possible experience for you and your guests. We look forward to providing you with a unique culinary event of excellence. Innovation combined with a strong work ethic is what makes Krisp who we are today.