Ava Wedding - 9/15/18

“We had late night food for our wedding and it was excellent. Everyone raved about the jap chae, deconstructed tacos and marinated steak. Served in bite size containers, people were able to keep dancing as they refueled. The food was EXCELLENT and a highlight.”

“Krisp Events was such a pleasure to work with! The food was extremely well prepared, the drinks were creative, and their staff was professional and dedicated. We spoke with Krisp Events a number of times to review our menu(s) and drink lists; they were super flexible whenever we wanted to add items. During cocktail hour, our hors d’oeuvres were beautifully stationed, fresh tasting, and delicious. During our formal meal, we had family style dining with multiple proteins and sides; our guests loved the amount of options they had to choose from to put together whatever they wanted as their meal. My husband and I highly recommend Krisp Events to anybody for their wedding or event!!!!”